Tablet POS

Tablet POS

If you run a business or you are thinking about starting a new business, you need a tablet POS and all of the services that go along with it.

We offer tablet POS Account Services for Businesses and Organizations

We offer credit card processing equipment, Austin merchant account services and tablet POS processing solutions.  We can help established merchants and new businesses. From retail stores to non-profit organizations throughout the US, we provide total merchant services for organizations of all shapes and sizes, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Seasonal Merchants
  • Limo Drivers
  • Non Profits
  • Retail Stores
  • Gas Stations
  • Government Agencies

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Tablet POS Payment Processing Solutions for Austin, Texas Merchants

It doesn’t matter if you own are a contractor, store owner or the CFO of a non-profit organization, you need to process transactions of various types — credit card payments, debit card payments, cash advances, donations. We can help you with all of this, including website payments.

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Free Tablet POS Account Review with Signing Bonus

Most merchants, including merchants throughout central Texas and Austin, have no idea if they are paying a reasonable rate for processing credit card and other types of payments. We are serious about saving you money on your transactions, so we offer a free program for merchants in Austin where we will look over your statements and let you know if we can save you money. For new accounts, we can offer up to a $100 signing bonus!

Free Tablet POS for qualified Merchants

For many of our clients we can provide a free tablet POS. If you contact us for a free review of your merchant account and move your business to us, we will provide you with a free tablet POS!

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Additional Merchant Account Services

We offer services beyond the total merchant services that you would expect from a company including:

If you are looking for an honest, trustworthy partner to provide you with tablet POS account services then give us a call today.