Our Promise

The credit card processing industry is flawed. This is a fact we all can agree on, and understanding such is where we all can start to see some improvement.

PPS welcomes all businesses small and large alike to share a better experience first-hand. It continues right here, in front of you. Please do your due diligence as a business owner while choosing your processor. It’s a choice that should create a positive, long-term relationship.

Our ethical values in the way we do business are second to none. Our promise, which you will read below, is just a page in our agenda.

  1. Full Disclosure – What you see on your application is simply what you will get charged. Period.
  2. No Hidden Fees – No surcharges, no bill-back pricing, no shenanigans.
  3. Cost-Plus Pricing Only – We will never take advantage of our clients by implementing the tiered pricing structure.
  4. Lifetime Rate Guarantee – Not only will we lock in your Cost-Plus rate for the lifetime of your account with us, but we will match or beat any better offer you ever receive (if you in fact do).
  5. Faster Deposits – We offer Next-Day funding to the majority of our clients.
  6. No More Switching! – We know. We’ve seen it countless times. Rest assured, we will be your final transition, thanks in part to what we have just promised you.

Credit Card Processing. Made Easy. Really Easy.