Lightspeed Retail POS

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Lightspeed Retail POS

Lightspeed POS

Lightspeed POS System

Let PPS help you empower your business to generate more revenue with Lightspeed POS software for retailers.

Lightspeed Retail POS

Lightspeed POS

Complete POS Solution From Only $89/Month.

No Upfront Cost!

– Lightspeed software – Receipt printer
– iPad – Label printer
– iPad stand – 24/7/365 support
– Dejavoo Z9 terminal – Processing package
– Cash drawer


Lightspeed POS allows you to access your POS from any device, giving you the freedom to access system data and settings from anywhere, anytime you have access to the Internet.

Integrated Inventory Management

Upload your product information and SKUs to track and manage your inventory, with no limit on item amounts. Lightspeed’s cloud-based, multi-store capability allows you to keep track of inventory across multiple locations with our easy-to-use, yet detailed, inventory management system.

Customer Management

Target marketing for a personalized shopping experience with detailed customer profiles, based on purchase history for new or returning customers.


If you’re looking to expand into online shopping, look no further. Lightspeed’s fully integrated web store handles in-store as well as online inventory, allowing you to grow your business while keeping management processes simple.

Track Orders and Set Reorders

Track special and online orders every step of the way, including shipping and delivery. With a Lightspeed POS system, from PPS, you can even customize alerts for inventory reorders from a master list of vendors, where product needs can be assigned to various vendor purchase orders as needed.

On-demand, In-depth Reports

Lightspeed’s new advanced reporting includes over 40 reports with detailed information; including sales predictions, inventory needs, products sales and tends, profit margins, customer preferences, payment methods, vendor analytics, employee performance, and much more!

Employee Management

Manage employee sales, hours, schedules, and payroll conveniently and accurately.

Contact PPS today to take advantage of Lightspeed’s real-time perspective of your business, and seamlessly integrate your in-store and online business with back-office tools.

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