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hotel ipad pos

Guests can browse Special Offers and local events on iPads in the lobby

Hotel and Hospitality POS

Take Reservations and Manage Your Business

Using modern technologies in modern times, running your business these days should be simple. If there was a way to group together all of the management tools you use daily for your hotel, life would be so much better!

Lavu Hospitality at Your Service

By combining their popular iPad point of sale for restaurants with a collection of basic hospitality industry tools, Lavu continues to work toward their main goal: your success.

3 Central Access Points

  • Lobby Services – Customer Reception – Check In/Check Out – Room Service
  • Restaurant Services – POS – Tableside Ordering – Inventory – Time Cards – Reports
  • Customer Facilitation – Booking – Marketing – Suggested Selling – Loyalty/Offers

Simple – FRONT OF HOUSEPOS Lavu made simple

A seamless experience for your guests…

Reservation Management

Online Reservations / Payments

Text / Email Reservation Notifications

Email Communications

Advertise Activities or Upsells

Scheduled Email w/Custom Timers

Ex: Location, Dates, Check In/Out Times

Integrated Restaurant POS System

Fully Featured iPad Point of Sale

Touchscreen/Tableside ordering

Reporting, Employee Timecards, Inventory

Customizable Check In Process

Touchscreen Signatures

Add required fields and Waivers

Pet Accommodations, Smoking Policy

Payment Consolidation

Room Service Charges Added to the Bill

Restaurant Charges Added to the Bill 


Occupancy & Pricing Rules

Adjustable & Scheduled

Ex: Days, Peak Season, Holidays

Suggestive Upselling

Flexible Customization

Reservations w/ Upsell Options

Ex: Restaurant & Spa Specials, Golf, etc.

Comprehensive Reporting

Sales: End of day, Sales by Item

Payment: Transaction Types, Deposits

Employee: Timecards, Overtime


…and easy for your staff to stay efficient.

POS Lavu is smart

Satisfaction Surveys

Automatic Email After Checkout Collect Customer Feedback

Customer Management

Marketing Opportunities

Guest Information Database

Ex: History, Contact, Birthdays, etc.

Customizable Invoices

Terms & Conditions

Stored with Customer’s Records

Easy to Add/Edit in the Control Panel

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What People are Saying about Lavu iPad POS

It has been a great addition to our stores and a wise business decision.
It saves us time, money and space.
We love it, our employees love it and most importantly our customers love it!
~Coastal Cupcakes~