Lavu Fit

A New Year, A New Build
Being healthy is important. Regular exercise increases quality of life, improves self esteem and confidence, and reduces stress. With all the benefits of working out, companies such as gyms, dojos, and mixed martial arts training grounds are growing in popularity, and they need a unique point of sale system to help accommodate growth and manage their customers. Enter Lavu Fit: a point of sale solution tailor made for fitness establishments.

Lavu Badges In With New Features
Lavu Inc. has added specific features to accommodate the unique needs of health minded businesses. Lavu Fit, a companion app to Lavu iPad POS, includes a customer database to help track new and returning members with easily accessible member history, billing options, and a picture to make sure the correct member is badging in. The customer database will help staff easily manage members, eliminate common mistakes, and keep production flowing. And the ease of badging in will decrease counter time for customers, and get them on the floor training faster.

Jared Mancinelli from Wired 4 Plastic helped with the development process of Lavu Fit, including product design and functionality. “Lavu Fit is a monster to the Fitness world,” Mancinelli said. “Membership solution costs are eliminated with the auto invoice feature which will save most gyms over 1000 dollars a month!”