Created for gyms, dojos, and martial arts academies, Lavu Fit Austin was built to help manage memberships, create new member accounts, and accept monthly payments with ease. As a companion app to Lavu iPad POS, Lavu Fit is customized for the unique needs of fitness establishments.

Fast, easy, and efficient, Lavu Fit offers an intuitive front of house interface, easy member badge-ins, and complete back of house reports. Along with fitness specific management tools, Lavu Fit is a complete solution to help you run your business.

manage membersMANAGE MEMBERS

Lavu Fit Austin helps manage memberships easily through front of house terminals. All member information is directly integrated into the point of sale, and helps decrease confusion and mistakes by staff.

  • MEMBERSHIP ACCOUNTS – create customer accounts that include pictures, billing info, and account numbers
  • MEMBER BADGE–INS/OUTS – check in and out using RFID cards, key fobs, or tags
  • CUSTOMER TRACKING – track customer actions such as membership history and payments made
  • MODERN TERMINALS – Lavu Fit utilizes Apple technology such as iPads and iPod Touches

lavu front of houseINTUITIVE FRONT OF HOUSE

All core features of Lavu iPad POS are included with Lavu Fit, giving your company an advanced point of sale solution that is directly integrated on your front of house terminals.

  • USER FRIENDLY INTERFACE – easy to learn, cuts down on training time
  • QUICK & EASY – keeps production running smoothly, boosts productivity
  • CREDIT CARD INTEGRATION – take credit card payments easily from your iPad
  • EMPLOYEE ACCESS LEVELS – distinguishes management and employees


Accounting and bookkeeping is easily managed with Lavu Fit. Robust sales reports, employee activity, and member information is accessible anywhere with an internet source through the Lavu Fit back of house.

  • COMPLETE SALES REPORTS – end of day, payment reports, transaction details
  • MEMBER INFO – easily track badge ins, payment history, and member information
  • INVENTORY TRACKING – detailed inventory usage, real time 86 countdown notification
  • ACCOUNTING REPORTS – customize accounting settings for end of year reconciliation

lavu fit benefitsBENEFITS

Lavu Fit is a less expensive alternative to traditional point of sales. With so many features to help run your business, Lavu Fit is an investment that helps save and earn money.

  • LOWER INITIAL INVESTMENT – saves thousands with a small upfront cost
  • INEXPENSIVE HARDWARE – Apple devices are available anywhere, less expensive than Legacy POS
  • CERTIFIED SPECIALIST – frontline & onsite support offered, no contracts or retainers
  • FREE LAVU SUPPORT – free twenty-four hour phone support included for Lavu Fit clients