Lavu 88 Accommodates For New Businesses
Starting a new business can be daunting. There are many considerations owners need to take into account, and these considerations aren’t cheap. Hiring staff, finding hardware, and making sure everything is in place can cost a lot of money.

Beginning as a startup themselves, Lavu understands the stress that comes with starting a company from scratch. We are constantly seeking new ways to help our customers succeed. For example, we know that reducing initial costs helps business owners to free up capital when they need it most. Enter Lavu88!

Point Of Sale With No Upfront License Fee
Lavu 88 is a single terminal iPad POS with no upfront licensing fees. This makes “88” accessible to business owners who may not have the funds to purchase a software license, and will free up capital that can be applied to unforeseen expenses. Surprises will happen when opening a business, but not with Lavu 88 which has a very low, set monthly hosting fee.

Legacy point of sale systems can cost more than $10,000 before owners take their first order, before owners serve their first customers. With a small $88 monthly hosting fee, Lavu 88 is a less expensive alternative to help businesses succeed from the start.

Lavu 88 Offers Robust Sales Reports, Account Customization, and An Intuitive Front of House
Lavu 88 is a top quality point of sale. “88” includes complete back of house reports such as end of day sales numbers, menu items usage, payment breakdowns, and comprehensive totals.

Every account is customizable. Lavu 88 allows you to – among other things – program your menu with pictures of dishes, add your company’s logo and personalize receipts, and use special discounts and payment options.

While there is no upfront license fee, Lavu 88 is a top level point of sale investment that will save and earn you money in the short term and long run.

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