Exatouch Retail

Exatouch for Retail

Exatouch Retail POS Software for any Retail Business

Not your ordinary POS.

Exatouch is built to power retailers with a feature set well beyond the standard point of sale. Integrating the best in payments and POS, Exatouch provides a winning combination that is bound to optimize operations while extending significant cost savings.



Seamlessly convert from one POS system to another with a free data import
When you are ready to make the switch, we’re here for you. We can help you convert your existing setup into an Exatouch setup, even moving your data from one system to ours. Many clients fear a POS conversion, but we make them seamless and easy!



Take control of your business
With Exatouch, inventory management is a snap! It’s easy to load distributors and place Purchase Orders, ensuring your most popular items never go out of stock. And to boost sales, you can run promotions, such as “Buy 1, Get 1 Free,” or implement timely price reductions on certain days of the week or during special times of the year. Full reporting is also available at your fingertips, directly from the Exatouch system.


The latest in payment technologies
If you are stuck out in the cold without an EMV solution for your business, Exatouch is your answer. Benefit from fast transactions, optimal network uptime, and a single deposit for all major card types including American Express. Furthermore, you’ll be able to accept the latest payment methods, including EMV and contactless payments. With our semi-integrated solutions such as the PAX MT-30, you’ll have a sleek, customer-facing signature capture device for accepting payments, just like larger nationwide retailers. Best of all, there are no gateway or middleware fees because of our direct network integrations!

Exatouch POS for Retail

More Features and Greater Flexibility for Increased Sales and Profits


Print Labels and Create SKUs

Integrated PO Ordering

Vendor Management

Matrix Inventory (Colors and Sizes)

Cordless Inventory Tracking

Bulk Breakdown (Cartons to Packs)


Lotto Payouts

Buy-X get-Y

2-fers (“Buy 3 for $1”)

Mix and Match




Scan Inventory

Integrated Scale

Read Scale Barcode Labels

Serial Number Tracking


EMV, NFC/Apple Pay

Credit/Debit/EBT/Food Stamps

ID Checking

Gift card program available via eGiftSolutions

Industry-leading Reporting Tools

Exatouch’s Retail reporting features improves business management
Exatouch provides an array reports so you can learn more about your business every day. You can use Exatouch to email, print, and export all data and even schedule reports to be emailed on a periodic basis. For example, you can email an inventory count of specific items at week’s end, giving your business time-is-of-the-essence inventory counts for easy re-orders. Or email your monthly sales tax report to your accountant on the first of every month to ensure you are never behind with the state tax authority. Finally, for owners that leave before the end of the day, schedule a nightly batch report to be emailed in order to keep up on the day’s sales and business activities.

  • Batch and Transaction Data
  • Tax Reporting
  • Profit Margin
  • Settlements
  • Sales and Order History
  • Names and Contact Info
  • Detailed CRM Database
  • Messages and Special Offers Module
  • Message Stale Visits – Customers That Have Not Visited In X Days
  • Vendor Management
  • PO Reporting
  • Inventory Items
  • Bulk Items Management
  • SKU and Barcode Reporting
  • Voided/Refunded Orders
  • Gift Card Usage
  • Sales by Item, SKU, Category, Sub-Category, Vendor, and More!
  • Open Orders

Reliability Built Into Its Core

Designed from the ground up with stability and reliability in mind, Exatouch is a work-horse
Exatouch is not only stable software, the hardware is industry-leading too. Durable and reliable, Exatouch can stand up to any high-traffic environment while boasting a minimal countertop footprint and modern design.

Furthermore, benefit from 24/7 in-house technical support, powered by Electronic Payments. Call centers in New York and Florida keep Electronic Payments’ support departments going so you can rest assured you’ll have assistance no matter the time of day.