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About Exatouch

Powered by Industry-Leader Electronic Payments.
Exatouch® is a feature-rich point of sale system that empowers businesses with the latest tools and features to increase productivity and manage their business. In today’s POS environment, it’s essential to have a solution that is secure, fast, redundant, and supports the latest payment technologies such as EMV, NFC/ApplePay®, Gift, Loyalty and Analytics. With the power of Electronic Payments behind Exatouch, service, support and payments come together with POS in a seamless and cost-beneficial fashion for your merchants.

A feature set that promotes business efficiency
Exatouch is a locked-down embedded POS solution that promotes no desktop, no web browsing (i.e. Facebook®), and has all drivers and settings pre-set and embedded for your use. When the POS station is on, Exatouch is the only application running, increasing worker productivity and POS uptime. The Cloud is used effectively and is not relied upon for the software to run, but instead runs in Cloud-Hybrid mode, promoting the benefits of the Cloud that help other features of the POS such as station linking, software updates, inventory management and backups.

Help your merchants with Exatouch and they’ll never look back!
With innovative features – like a Sidekick paired with the Station as a front of house table map, expediter, and table-side ordering tablet – Exatouch is agile enough for even the largest businesses. Retail and restaurant, salon and grocery all benefit from the feature set offered. Exatouch is PA-DSS Validated software and ready to tackle any POS deployment.

Exatouch Products

Exatouch and Exatouch Sidekick are secure, PA-DSS Validated, Cloud-Hybrid machines you can power your business on.

Exatouch POS

Exatouch POS

High Performance. Reliable. Stylish.
Package includes:

All-in-one touchscreen

Feature-rich software

Thermal printer

Cash drawer

Barcode scanner

Customer display

Wireless keyboard/mouse

Semi-integrated EMV-ready device

Exatouch Sidekick


Secure Tablet POS

10.1″ Touchscreen Tablet

Line Buster

Table Map and Multi-Zone

Order Entry

Front of House

Exatouch Software

Locally hosted, Cloud managed: Extatouch uses the cloud wisely
Exatouch’s advantage is the proper use of the Cloud to manage your POS and business, but without reliance for the system to work. Whether you want to automatically email your accountant a weekly tax report, or you want to manage a birthday list and automatically email promotions to your valued customers, Exatouch can do it. With the Cloud, software updates are seamlessly pushed automatically to each station, so you are never left with an old version or forced into expensive upgrades costing several thousand dollars.

  • Reporting – Full Reporting Suite (Print and Email)
  • Manage your POS – Full Management Capabilities
  • POS Software Updates – Pushed Automatically From the Cloud
  • Promotions – Manage Offers and Birthday Emails
  • Off-site Backup – Seamless Cloud Backup Each Day

Cloud-Hybrid without the Cloud Fee
While Exatouch does use the Cloud, unlike other systems, it does not charge a per-station “Cloud” fee. Our enterprise-level POS solution offers many features to help your business run more efficiently and profitably, and many of the Cloud-Hybrid features are included in our base hardware/software package.

  • Exatouch has made what we do so much faster! And, the accuracy is way up. Over or under use to be $25, $50 but now… $6, like one drink. Setting up a new system can be tough, but you made it easy and now it’s great! My bartenders REALLY like Exatouch, it’s fast! Thank you.
    Jim, 4-station lounge owner
  • Exatouch is great … took us through our busiest night ever!
    Susan, Ivy League School Rathskeller
  • Exatouch is like Micros Junior!
    Melissa, Italian Restaurant
  • We love our iPad; great for photos, music, browsing. However, we’d NEVER rely on it to run our business! An iPad didn’t replace my home computer, and it won’t at my store either. Exatouch has it all just right!
    Jaci G., iPad Lover, Handbag Store Owner
  • Customize Your Own POS with Exatouch Network Segmentation
    Fully customizable private label software for large merchant groups and ISOs


    You are a merchant with 50 deployments. With your current solution, the software relies on a Cloud connection used by all other deployments, and software updates aren’t customizable to your business or on your timeframe.


    With Exatouch’s Network Segmentation, we can create a custom POS specifically for your business group and customized for your needs. Using a stack approach to manage software versions, your group’s POS can run on Exatouch but with your custom features such as a unique logo and specific updates built for your business. Best of all, because of our technology, Company #2 and Company #3 both use Exatouch, but their updates are not linked and they don’t use the same software version.


    Your 50 location retail shoe store is running a promotion, but because of multiple states, managing sales tax has become a burden. Each POS must be configured differently for the state and industry. For example: Sales tax holiday on Sundays in New Jersey, no tax on clothing under $500 in New York, and 6% Sales Tax on Shoes but not clothes in Connecticut. However relevant to your business, those settings don’t lend themselves to a 20 location nail salon in Florida. With Exatouch, your customized POS can have updates pushed from the Cloud that are specific to your business and needs. Whether it’s the complex retail sales tax structures applicable to your business or a particular way a promotion runs, updating your group’s POS requires no other users to experience an update and change to their software.

    Paylytics® Reporting Helps Manage Your Business

    We provide granular, actionable data so you can keep the pulse of your company every day

    Paylytics® reporting* is like no other reporting available for your business. Learn about customer frequency, how the weather affects your business – do you get more sales on a sunny or rainy day, for example – and what cards are being used at your business.

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  • *Merchant Account with Electronic Payments required.

    Fully integrated gift and loyalty program for your business

    Enhance your service offerings with eGiftSolutions, the most comprehensive gift and loyalty program available. Gifts cards are the perfect fit for any retail or restaurant location, chamber of commerce, mall environment, or for those looking to increase revenue and track outstanding gift certificate amounts. Our variety of processing programs and wide selection of customizable card designs and merchandising materials are guaranteed to fulfill all of your gift and loyalty needs.

    Did you know?

    • Gift card purchases are 20-50% higher than the average credit card or cash sale.
    • Plastic gift cards generate 50-100% more sales than paper certificate programs.
    • 55% of gift card recipients are more likely to redeem their cards over multiple visits, increasing retail traffic and revenues.
    • 10-15% never redeem the full value of the card.

    eGiftSolutions is integrated into Exatouch and provides gift card processing with no percentage or transaction fees in Exatouch*! You can learn more about eGiftSolutions here.

    *Merchant Account with Electronic Payments required.