Exatouch Liquor

Exatouch For Liquor Stores

Exatouch POS Liquor Full-Featured POS Software for Liquor Stores

Inventory management, age verification and more!

With a feature set tailored to high volume liquor stores, Exatouch not only optimizes the checkout experience, but manages your business! From special offers and age verification to inventory management and purchase ordering, Exatouch makes your job easier with invaluable managerial capabilities. Plus, with support for signature capture, EMV and contactless payments such as Apple Pay™, you’ll accept every type payment from your customers.



Take control of your business.
With Exatouch, inventory management is a snap! We provide 25,000 “starter” wine and liquor SKUs, making scanning and label creation a breeze. Additionally, it’s just as easy to load distributors and place Purchase Orders, ensuring your most popular items never go out of stock. And to boost sales, you can run promotions, such as “Buy 1, Get 1 Free,” or implement timely price reductions on certain days of the week or during special times of the year.



If you are stuck out in the cold without an EMV solution for your business, Exatouch is your answer. Benefit from fast transactions, optimal network uptime, and a single deposit for all major card types including American Express. Furthermore, you’ll be able to accept the latest payment methods, including EMV and contactless payments. With our semi-integrated solutions such as the PAX MT-30, you’ll have a sleek, customer-facing signature capture device for accepting payments, just like larger nationwide retailers. Best of all, there are no gateway or middleware fees because of our direct network integrations!

Exatouch POS for Liquor Stores

More Features and Greater Flexibility for Increased Sales and Profits


Print Labels and Create SKUs

Integrated PO Ordering

Vendor Management

Real-time Sales Data

Bulk Breakdown (Cartons to Packs)

25,000 Starter SKUs or Free Database Import (if needed)



Driver’s License Scanning

Set multiple ages on any item or SKU (Over 18 for Cigarettes, over 21 for Alchohol)

Intelligent Age Check – Check once per order



Lotto Payouts

Buy-X get-Y

Mix and Match
Loyalty/Member Pricing
Wine Clubs


EMV, NFC/Apple Pay

Signature Capture

Gift card program available via eGiftSolutions

Single Deposit for All Card Types