Revel POS 101: Our New Kitchen Display System Helps You Handle the Heat

by Revel

October 14, 2016

There’s no time to waste in a fast-paced restaurant environment. Every second is crucial, whether it’s spent taking orders, preparing dishes, delivering good customer service, or maintaining inventory. When the kitchen heats up during peak hours, there’s no room for error. To maintain efficiency, it’s important to organize how orders are taken and how they’re delivered to the kitchen.

Traditionally, orders were handwritten tickets placed in a row for the kitchen staff, which eventually were speared onto a spindle upon completion. While this simple method has been effective in the past, this leave a large margin for human error. Sloppy handwriting alone could ruin an entire order!

With the updates to the Revel Kitchen Display System (KDS) in our most recent 2.19 build, syncing the kitchen and front of house is easier than ever.

kitchen display system

Like the Revel POS, the KDS provides users an easy to use digital kitchen management system. The KDS shows orders sent from the POS rather than printing a physical ticket. This eliminates the accidental loss or destruction of a paper ticket and saves money on costly kitchen printers and receipt paper. Just like kitchen printers, multiple kitchen displays can be utilized and easily configured on the management console so specific products appear on each screen. The KDS also allows users to design specific kitchen flows so that order items can be pushed from one KDS to another and appear on the appropriate station.

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The Revel KDS app boasts several effective display styles to suit an establishment’s needs. For simple organization in a fast-paced kitchen, the KDS can be set to Tile View. To provide a more robust interface, Revel has developed “Tile Kitchen View.” This new display style maximizes screen real estate by allowing tiles to continue into the next column, ensuring the correct products are associated with the correct order. For enhanced organization the tiles are now color coordinated based on dining option. Orders designated as “eat in” or “in restaurant” appear in grey, while the “to go” dining option is displayed in blue.

In busy kitchens with several chefs and wait staff, tracking which items have been started is key to time efficiency. Tile Kitchen View’s new interactive capabilities allows users utilizing the “in progress” feature to tap dishes that are currently “in progress” which changes the status to “complete.” After the various dishes have been delivered to the table, servers or kitchen staff can tap the completed items to remove them from the KDS. During peak hours, this allows multiple kitchen staff users to manage which dishes are being prepared so that meals are completed on time.

With Revel’s KDS, you can improve workflow and maximize efficiency turn to keep the back of house running smoothly and boost customer loyalty. The KDS is a perfect kitchen complement to the Revel POS providing a more effective restaurant journey, from submitting the customer’s order on the POS to delivering their dishes to the table.

For more information on the 2.19 update to the KDS and more new features, check out the release notes here.

Contributed by Danika Peterson, Revel Systems Sales Engineer.

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