Lavu iPad POS Improves Server Productivity
Customers will come for the food, but they’ll come back for the service. Good service can define a restaurant. Servers ensure that patrons have an enjoyable dining experience by providing stellar customer service. They are the backbone of any restaurant, and it’s important to make sure they have the tools to be successful.  

Lavu iPad POS simplifies server’s lives so they can focus on what matters – your customers. Here are 6 reasons Lavu iPad POS helps your servers:

Keeps Servers Mobile
Wireless technology keeps servers focused on the front of house and ensures customers are receiving excellent service. As a mobile point of sale, Lavu iPad POS allows servers to take orders from the table, send tickets to the kitchen, and accept payments tableside – including credit cards. The ability to carry iPad Minis, iPhones and iPods saves servers time and energy because they aren’t frantically running back and forth.

Easy to Use Technology
Studies show that 61% of Americans own smartphones. This means the majority of people can proficiently navigate through touch interfaces – such as iPads or iPhones. Lavu iPad POS was built on top of this technology, and applies that ease-of-use to the ordering and checkout process. If a server has ever picked up a smart device, played a videogame, or navigated through a television’s settings, they will be right at home with Lavu.

Lavu iPad POS

Menu Item Details
Off the top of your head, do you know what’s in a Long Island Iced Tea or a Coq au Vin? Imagine an inexperienced server getting asked that question by a customer, leaving them speechless with a blank look on their face. Using Lavu, you can program recipes and details for every menu items, accompanied by a picture of the finished product. This will help your servers answer tough questions, as well as showcase your product in a modern way.

Each server has a Personal Identification Number (PIN). They use this for actions such as clocking in/out, adding menu items to orders, and accepting payments. Each action placed using a PIN will be recorded in the back of house Action Logs, available anywhere with an internet source. These reports show how much money servers owe, what they’ve voided or refunded, and when changes are made at the front of house. This adds another layer of accountability. You can track what servers are doing at all times and know everything that happens during each shift, even if you aren’t there.

Lavu Employee Portal

Employee Portal
The employee portal for Lavu iPad POS allows users to view and print their schedule, request coverage or accept coworker’s coverage, and change their personal information online. This feature is for all access levels and is available with any license type. Redefine the way you communicate with your employees by having them login atmy.poslavu.com.

Tip Management
Servers live off tips, and you want to make sure that they receive every dollar they’ve earned. Lavu iPad POS includes easy-to-use tip management. Servers record tips from the front of house terminals, which are applied to their end of shift reports. The math is done automatically, so servers will know exactly how much they made each shift.

Lavu iPad POS was the first full-featured point of sale solution in the Apple App Store. For more information on Lavu, begin a 14 day free trial.

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