5 Reasons Lavu is the Best Point of Sale for Restaurants

Best Point of Sale

Your restaurant is all about quality. You serve the best products, made with the best ingredients. Your service is stellar, and has risen above service industry standards. So what else can you do? Easy. Upgrade to the best point of sale system on the market.
Best point of sale for Restaurants

Lavu iPad POS is leading the industry shift toward mobile solutions. Lavu has spent time developing their product based on customer feedback and industry knowledge, focusing on the user experience and what restaurant owners really need out of a point of sale. As the first full-featured POS on the Apple App Store, Lavu point of sale is the best solution to help your restaurant succeed.

5 Reasons Lavu Is The Best Point Of Sale For Your Restaurant

Mobility Increases Service Speed
Lavu iPad POS can speed up the order taking process for your restaurant, especially in fast paced environments where you’re taking order after order. Recently at the PGA Memorial Tour, Lavu sped up concessions by 4 seconds a transaction. 4 seconds may not seem like a lot of time, but if you take four orders a minute during a high traffic time – happy hour at a bar, for example – that time will add up. You want to make sure your staff can move quickly, and serve as many customers as possible.

Cloud Functionality
The “cloud” is here to stay, and your business can start taking advantage of the modern technology improvements that come with it. The cloud can be accessed anywhere using a computer or smart device. This means that you can access your reports whenever you want, even if you’re at home or on vacation. Being able to easily check-in on your business while you’re away is an invaluable feature for owners.

Inexpensive Solution
On average, Lavu iPad POS costs thousands less than traditional legacy systems. This is because the upfront costs and hardware of Lavu is much less expensive. You will also make money in the long run with Lavu because of low monthly hosting fees, easily replaceable hardware, and…

24 Hour Free Tech Support
No contracts. No hidden fees. Help is available for you free of charge. Lavu Support is ready to help you via phone call or email 24 hours a day. While other POS companies charge their clients for support or add extra fees to their contract, Lavu offers clients the best support in the world without charging an arm and a leg.

The Software Helps You Succeed
When all is said and done, Lavu iPad POS is about helping restaurant owners succeed. Everything included in Lavu was built to make your life easier. Accessible back of house reports, an easy-to-use interface, and multiple payment options make Lavu iPad POS a viable option to help your business succeed.