4 Reasons To Deploy A Cloud-based POS System


We’ve been hearing so much about what cloud computing is and how it works – what we don’t hear a lot about is the bottom-line benefits that it can provide to retailers and restaurateurs.

Deploying a cloud-based POS solution has many business benefits; from robust business intelligence, to intuitive tools useful for managing employees, vendors and inventory. Integrating a cloud-based POS solution can help streamline operations, maximize profitability, and control losses.

Below, find the top four reasons retail and restaurant merchants should deploy a cloud-based POS:

  1. Real-time Access

POS solutions that are strictly software based are extremely effective for managing a business while a merchant is on location, however how can the merchant be sure their business is running at maximum efficiency when they are not present and/or have more than 1 location they need visibility into? A cloud-based POS system allows a merchant to manage their business anytime, anywhere they have internet access.  Intuitive management features essential to running a business efficiently are now at their fingertips:

Real-time business data monitoring for one or multiple locations

View daily, weekly, monthly sales and transaction history

Track best-selling items, services and monitor inventory

Detailed sales report by period, store or item

Manage employee schedules (hourly, commissioned and salaried)

Facilitate payroll and commission calculations

View clock in/out status

Track sales records by employee and customize employee security levels

  1. Enhanced Security

Cloud-based POS software integrated with POS hardware uses an internet infrastructure to access data via a remote server. In other words, the data stored in your POS system can be automatically backed up and synced, making it easier to protect and update information. A reputable provider will have a PCI compliant server with backup data centers to ensure uptime and recovery.

The merchant should also set up protocols on their local network to ensure data security.  This can all be done without having staff to manage security which is especially important for small businesses that do not have the resources for an in-house staff.

  1. Hardware/Software Extendibility

Cloud-based POS solutions also safeguard the merchant’s investment. Merchants can continue to utilize their POS software without the worry that their hardware and or software will quickly become obsolete.  Software upgrades are conveniently pushed to merchants with little effort on the part of the merchant and with little to no upgrade fees.

  1. Digital Marketing Tools

More often than not, merchants do not have the time or staff to create or customize promotions or programs to drive more traffic to their location. Cloud-based POS solutions provide access to digital marketing tools that can help stimulate additional revenue for merchants. Merchants can quickly and cost effectively create and customize promotions via email to existing and prospective customers.

Loyalty and Reward Programs

Build loyalty

Create cross sell and up sell opportunities

Personalize offers by customer profile

e-Coupons and E-Promotions – Bundle services to create customer packages and offers

Increase exposure

Promote new business

Generate increased business from current customers

Create personalized offers by customer profile