3G/4G Mobile Broadband Network Failover for Business


Business Continuity – Failover

3G/4G Network Failover

Closing the availability gap.

No wired connection can deliver 100% uptime so the question isn’t whether your business will lose connectivity to the Internet, the question is how to protect your business from loss and disruption when it does happen.  PPS can help you setup 3G/4G mobile broadband network failover for business continuity.

When your Cable or DSL Internet service experiences a service disruption (in some areas this happens several times a month) your business is exposed to risks of lost revenue, productivity, and customer experience issues. Upgrading to a more robust wired connection such as T1 line is an option that comes with a significantly higher monthly cost, and it is still susceptible to outages and service disruptions such as construction related cable cuts, downed telephone lines, severe weather, etc.

Fortunately – there are practical, convenient, affordable ways to ensure your business is not disrupted due to a Cable, DSL, or T1 related outage – and CradlePoint is the leader in bringing these solutions to businesses around the world.

Challenge: A growing need to connect reliably and continuously
Businesses today are benefiting from the many advantages of virtualized and cloud based enterprise services. These benefits do however require a pervasive Internet connection – and businesses are looking at ways to meet this business requirement:

  • The need to be “always connected”
  • Mitigating the costs of lost revenue, customer experience issues and lost productivity
  • The need to balance costs and benefits without exposing your business to risk

Solution: 3G/4G failover
CradlePoint solves the problem of lost Internet connectivity – automatically – with quick and easy deployable, low-cost solutions. Now businesses can maximize their Internet availability by bridging the inevitable gap with 3G/4G mobile broadband failover. Our solutions automatically detect access issues with wired line connections and provide 3G/4G network connectivity to avoid service interruptions.

Benefits: All the availability you need
3G/4G failover automatically provides the non-stop Internet access you need to conduct business efficiently and cost-effectively when your wired line goes down for any reason.

  • Main-office availability everywhere – Now, branch offices and retail locations can enjoy the high availability that used to be limited to larger operations.
  • Enterprise-class reliability for small business – The cost of T1 reliability is out of reach for many small businesses, but a small investment in failover to augment DSL or cable internet to the level of T1 coverage is not.
  • T1 to the next level – Enterprises that can tolerate no downtime, like banks, can use failover to stay up and running when a T1 line goes down.
  • Connected to the cloud – Maximize the benefits of cloud computing with less worry about losing your connection when you need it most.

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